The Origin of our Go-Boards

After searching a long time, we finally found a little family business which not only met, but even exceeded, all our expectations.

It became their passion to combine highly valuable materials with masterly workmanship.

Their enthusiasm and love for their artisan craft is perceptible in every small detail.

This is not a production in a conventional sense but rather a form of timeless cultural tradition going back for thousands of years. This is obvious immediately to everyone who is in touch with the family. It seems to be one reason for the outstanding reputation they enjoy far beyond local borders. Perfectly constructed items in small series, as well as one-of-a-kind single pieces, are made in this house. Some of these masterpieces are priced at more than several hundredthousand Yen.

Together with the owner we selected two types of Go boards for you. These game boards not only unite atisan skill with a centuries' old manufacturing tradition, but combine these with highly valuable materials that you can touch, smell , see and even hear when you place a stone on the board.

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